High resolution digital panoramic images
by Sheffield photographer Robert Lee


Robert Lee

Share my passion for the beautiful landscapes
and spectacular buildings in and around Sheffield
and the Peak District National Park in the UK.

Most of my images are shot in several frames and joined together to create high resolution panoramas. They have very large amounts of detail and can be printed up to several feet wide.

Panoramic images can cover a very wide field of view. It’s even possible to capture the entire 360 degrees around you, from the highest point in the sky to the floor beneath your tripod. Spherical views like this can be reprojected to a two dimensional image in a variety of ways and I love the abstract patterns and shapes that can be created from them.

Buildings and interior spaces lend themselves particularly well to spherical reprojections. Even the most apparently uninteresting places can be spectacularly transformed.

I hope you enjoy browsing the gallery!

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